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 "Neither quite the same nor quite like another": this could be Verlaine’s description of a year’s events in Saint Tropez. Slight variations for the major venues which are intertwined with a dense program of events.

At the Museum of Annonciade this summer, Vlaminck’s fauvism gives way to the "colors of the Orient, from Delacroix to Matisse", the Butterfly Museum sets aside its beautiful Black Apollo for concentratingon the "mysteries of mimicry”.

Last year’s sweet Lateen sails will be joined by many other Mediterranean boats. The roar of the Harleys will always be met by the blunderbuss of the Bravade, all this giving way to the more peaceful spectacle of the Giraglia’s and the Voiles de Saint-Tropez’s thoroughbred yachts sailing in the gulf, not forgetting the traditional ones taking part in the Trophée du Bailli race to Malta.


Once again, music notes will emerge from the heart of the village, from the Château de la Moutte, from the beach at Canoubiers, notes played also by great artists in the Festival de Musique du Printemps et d’Automne.

The sky will be adorned by three colors on the afternoon of 15th August, and it will sure enough be sparkling during the fireworks.Lastly, the great “Braderie” will see us looking out for new treasures to offer to ourselves or to others. A kind of Christmas before the familiar “Noel à Saint-Tropez” which will accompany, throughout December, an end of a year not quite like the others.



Brigitte Bardot exhibition Saint-TropezThis summer is specially dedicated to Brigitte Bardot for her 80th birthday :

- A first exhibition of Gérard Schachmes photographs, “Brigitte For Ever” from July, 26th to September, 2nd (Jean Despas Hall)
- August, 8th : Jazz Manouche concert with the famous Trio Rosenberg and Gipsy Tribute Group.
- “Best of Brigitte “ exhibition featuring items from Bruno Ricard private collection, from August, 29th to October, 25th (Château de la Messardière)
- Throughout the summer, lectures, projection sessions and discussions of Brigitte’s friends and witnesses.



>You can now order all Brigitte Bardot merchandising products online : exhibition’s official posters, books, postcards, etc.

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